Hello Oregon!

8/17- Day 13- 32 miles Camped by a stream right outside Indian Heaven Wilderness I’m pooped, so not going to write too much. Another long and adventurous day on the PCT. I am in my happy place. The day began early as usual- and I witnessed another perfect sky with Adams towering above me. TheContinue reading “Hello Oregon!”

Snoqualmie to Goat Rocks

8/12 Day 8-11 miles Snoqualmie Pass; WA Today was a bit of hiking, some good downhill running, then resting, eating and errands in Snoqualmie, WA. So first thing, I bolt awake at midnight… is it time to wake up I wonder?… no, it’s midnight- then two hours later, then an hour after that… j justContinue reading “Snoqualmie to Goat Rocks”

Writing your own story

So, I am embarking once again on a journey along the Pacific Crest Trail. Marching this time to benefit the Black Mammas Matter Alliance and commit to creating better outcomes for black women’s health. I just crossed into Washington state and am getting ready to hike 1,000 miles from Canada to California, and already feelContinue reading “Writing your own story”

Join me on my next adventure

The world is on fire for long overdue justice for black lives. I plan to march for the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement by supporting black mothers through the prenatal and birth experiences and help tip the scales back towards equity. Why Black Mammas Matter Alliance? Because black mothers are heavily impacted by structural racismContinue reading “Join me on my next adventure”

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