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The world is on fire for long overdue justice for black lives. I plan to march for the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement by supporting black mothers through the prenatal and birth experiences and help tip the scales back towards equity.

  • higher rates of maternal death
  • lower birthweight babies,
  • more preterm labor
  • and less prenatal or postnatal care

When I am enraged by violence, disparity or injustice, I feel I must act. Marching is one of the most active and natural ways that I can think to express my desires for change. Walking, running, moving through the woods and forests and mountain ranges also feeds my soul and re-energizes me for my work as a nurse and a student. Movement through the wild is my peace, my sanctuary, my second home.

BLM, womeninthewild, fastpacking, backpacking, Pacific Crest Trail


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