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Hello Oregon!

8/17- Day 13- 32 miles Camped by a stream right outside Indian Heaven Wilderness I’m pooped, so not going to write too much. Another long and adventurous day on the PCT. I am in my happy place. The day began early as usual- and I witnessed another perfect sky with Adams towering above me. TheContinue reading “Hello Oregon!”

Snoqualmie to Goat Rocks

8/12 Day 8-11 miles Snoqualmie Pass; WA Today was a bit of hiking, some good downhill running, then resting, eating and errands in Snoqualmie, WA. So first thing, I bolt awake at midnight… is it time to wake up I wonder?… no, it’s midnight- then two hours later, then an hour after that… j justContinue reading “Snoqualmie to Goat Rocks”

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